PA Gov Vetoes GOP-Backed Voter Bill

Pennsylvania governor Tom Wolf (D.) vetoed an election reform bill on Wednesday, citing its inclusion of voter identification requirements.

The bill would have mandated voter identification in all elections—a measure supported by 80 percent of Americans in numerous polls. The bill would have also required signature matching for mail-in ballots, in addition to moving up the deadline for voter registration and mail-in voting applications. Wolf said the bill was a form of “voter suppression.”

“This bill is ultimately not about improving access to voting or election security but about restricting the freedom to vote,” Wolf wrote in a memo announcing his veto.

A June poll from Franklin and Marshall College found that 59 percent of Pennsylvania registered voters believe state election laws needed to be revised. Support for signature matching for mail-in ballots stood at 81 percent and support for voter identification requirements polled at 74 percent.

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