Biden Spokeswoman Struggles to Name GOPer Supporting Defund the Police as She Claims

White House press secretary Jen Psaki was questioned Wednesday over comments she made alleging Republicans want to “defund the police,” but she was unable to name a single GOP member who supported the controversial line.

Despite the rallying cry to “defund the police” used by Democrats like Rep. Cori Bush of Missouri, and Rep. Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts, Psaki suggested that in not voting for the American Rescue plan – which included a provision for law enforcement  – Republicans were the true opponents of police funding.

“The president ran and won the most votes of any candidate in history on a platform of boosting funding for law enforcement after Republicans spent decades trying to cut the COPS program,” Psaki told Fox News Wednesday. “There’s a record of that, that doesn’t require anyone having new comments.”

The COPS Hiring Program is an initiative funding law enforcement hiring.

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