White House Considering Ending Rule Allowing US To Expel Illegal Immigrants Over COVID Concerns

The Biden White House is reportedly considering ending its use of “Title 42,” a Trump-era policy that allowed immigration officials to turn back and send back illegal immigrants over concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Axios reported Monday that President Joe Biden is considering two separate strategies for lifting Title 42, which the Biden administration had been using to expel captured illegal immigrants, expediting the deportation process over concerns that untested migrants could spread COVID-19.

“Title 42 allows Border Patrol to prohibit entry at the border to migrants who potentially pose a health risk at the southern border,” Hot Air noted Monday. “Migrants who cross over the border on land avoid health screening measures. They are not held in areas for processing but immediately sent back to the country of last transit. If it isn’t possible for them to be sent to the country of last transit, they are sent back to their country of origin with the help of other interagency partners.”

Paired with President Donald Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy, Title 42 allowed the Trump administration to severely curtail illegal immigration, particularly last year as the world struggled with a pandemic.

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