Rubio Slams Kamala On Border Crisis

Speaking on Fox Business Thursday, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) bashed Vice-President Kamala Harris’ trip to Guatemala earlier this month, remarking that he couldn’t recall a “more disastrous series of meetings” for an American vice-president or vice-president. He added that when Harris warned the Guatemalan people not to attempt to come to the United States, they wouldn’t listen to her, as she had spent her presidential campaign saying that the United States would welcome immigrants.

Rubio stated, “I do not remember, certainly not in my years of watching American politics, a more disastrous series of meetings and a visit, a foreign visit, than Kamala Harris’ to Guatemala. I can’t remember a more disastrous episode for a vice-president or for a president, for that matter.”

“But I think it’s unfortunate; they campaigned for months on they’re going to be totally different from Trump, and no matter what she says and they say now the perception is out there in much of central America that the United States under Joe Biden is very lax,” he added. “And that’s an incentive for people to take this journey. It’s a dangerous journey; they shouldn’t do it, but they’re not going to listen to Kamala Harris when she says, ‘Don’t come.’ They’ve got a year and a half of her running for president saying we’re not going to turn anyone away.”

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