Rep. Roy Says How America Should Treat Terrorists After the Left Openly Embraces Them

Republican lawmakers are fighting back against the left’s appeasement and support of Iranian terrorist organization Hamas, which continues its attacks on Israeli civilians.

During a press conference on Capitol Hill Thursday, Texas Republican Congressman Chip Roy inserted some reality into the situation by explaining where priorities should be focused.

“Israel not only has a right to defend itself, but it has an obligation, a duty to defend itself and we have a duty in our country to stand along side our friend Israel. To stand alongside our ally,” Roy said. “Stop talking about a ceasefire, implying equal fault between Israel and Hamas, a known terrorist organization. A ceasefire isn’t a strategy. A strategy is to focus on the source of the conflict which is Hamas and its puppet masters in Tehran. We need to be honest about this. We should defer to Israel to determine what is necessary to protect its citizens and to deliver a decisive blow to Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. In other words, we should encourage the killing of terrorists, not negotiating with them.”

“We must make clear our commitment to support any Israeli request for resupply of precision guided munitions and expedite any pending sales and transfers that might be of assistance instead of equivocating. The President should not be listening to musings of our House colleagues who are effectively in the Hamas squad,” Roy continued. “The Biden administration should stop negotiating with Iran and reject the so-called deal providing billions of dollars to an Iranian regime which then takes those dollars and supports entities like Hamas that are then targeting Israel and undermining our national security in the process.”

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