Liberal Justice to Torch Court Packing In Upcoming Book

Justice Stephen Breyer, one of the most liberal judges on the Supreme Court, will be knocking the far-left proposal of court-packing in his upcoming book.

Though Breyer has repeatedly denounced court-packing in past statements, his book, “The Authority of the Court and the Peril of Politics,” will come at a time when Democrats have been seriously flirting with the idea to shift the court’s power balance. According to Harvard University Press, Breyer will reflect upon how the authority of the Supreme Court will be diminished if it becomes a game of political football.

“A sitting justice reflects upon the authority of the Supreme Court — how that authority was gained and how measures to restructure the Court could undermine both the Court and the constitutional system of checks and balances that depends on it,” the publisher wrote in a synopsis of his book.

Breyer’s book will further argue that the Supreme Court should not be subjected to partisan politics, Right or Left.

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