Giuliani Pens Letter to Judge Demanding Answers Over FBI raid

Rudy Giuliani and his legal team are looking to dispute the “constitutionality and legality” of the government’s “conduct” in its investigation into the former New York City mayor and personal attorney of former President Donald Trump before the court appoints a special master in the case.

In a letter unsealed Monday, sent last week to U.S. District Judge for the Southern District of New York Paul Oetken, Giuliani and his legal team said the conduct of federal investigators must first be reviewed and “resolved” before the appointment of a special master.

“The validity of the 2019 covert warrant, and the handling of the information obtained by the prosecutor are serious questions that must be resolved before any further damage is done,” they wrote.

Federal investigators seized electronic devices from Giuliani’s New York City apartment last month after executing a search warrant as part of a federal probe into whether he violated the law by lobbying the Trump administration on behalf of Ukrainian officials in 2019.

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