Richard Grenell Mulls CA Governor Run

Republican Richard Grenell is mulling a bid for California governor in the recall election later this year, saying in an interview he wants to lead a GOP renaissance in the solidly Democratic Golden State.

Grenell, 54, said he has identified “August or September” as the deadline to decide whether he will mount a campaign to replace Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom before he stands for reelection in 2022. Under the rules, if more than 50% of voters choose to recall Newsom, the replacement candidate with the most votes from a list of alternatives would succeed him as governor, regardless of partisan affiliation.

“Well, I have until about August or September to figure that out. We’re considering it. My criteria is, just looking at the long term, how do you fix this for the long term, how do you make sure that it’s not just a flash in the pan,” Grenell told conservative Fox News host Sean Hannity Wednesday. “I want to do to California what Stacey Abrams did to Georgia, and I think it’s going to take four years.”

Abrams, a narrow loser in the race for governor Georgia in 2018, spent years organizing Democrats and registering new voters, transforming Georgia from a ruby-red state into a competitive battleground. Her dogged effort, which Republicans in the Peach State have marveled at, helped President Joe Biden become the first Democratic nominee to win there since 1992. Nine weeks later, in a pair of runoff elections, Democrats won control of both Georgia Senate seats.

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