Pro-GOP Group Takes Aim at Pelosi’s ‘Socialist Drug Takeover Plan’

EXCLUSIVE – A conservative advocacy group that backs Republican causes is going up in over 40 congressional districts controlled by House Democrats with a major ad blitz targeting a bill that aims to regulate and lower prescription drug prices, describing the plan as “Nancy Pelosi’s socialist drug takeover plan.”

The American Action Network (AAN) on Thursday is unveiling a new issue advocacy campaign in 43 House districts to stop what it calls the House speaker‘s “dangerous plan,” which the group argues could mean fewer cures for life-threatening diseases and less access to breakthrough new treatments, like the COVID-19 vaccines.

AAN says it will spend more than $4 million to run the commercials, which were shared first with Fox News, on TV in 12 districts. Digital ads will go up in 31 other districts, and the group says it plans to make calls across all 43 districts.

“What’s a life worth? Who gets to decide? Nancy Pelosi thinks the government does,” the announcer in the spot says.

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