Biden ‘Makes Bernie Sanders Look Like a Conservative

House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy (Calif.) on Thursday ripped President Biden‘s first formal address to Congress while comparing Biden to one of the most progressive senators, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

McCarthy tweeted in part on Thursday that Biden’s spending plan “makes Bernie Sanders look like a conservative,” with the House minority leader reiterating his argument accusing Biden of a “bait and switch” by campaigning on a message of bipartisanship before ultimately governing “as a socialist.”

“Today officially marks 100 days since President Biden assumed office. Here’s his record so far: An unprecedented border crisis, Thousands of good-paying energy jobs destroyed, A tax-and-spend agenda that makes Bernie Sanders look like a conservative,” McCarthy tweeted.

McCarthy said in a Fox News interview Wednesday night that he spoke to Sanders after Biden’s address and told him that the senator appeared “more conservative” than the president given Biden’s agenda.

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