George Bush Regrets Calling the Republican Party ‘Isolationist,’ ‘Nativist’

Former President George W. Bush said in an interview with People published Thursday he “painted with too broad a brush” in describing the modern Republican Party as “isolationist” and “nativist.”

Bush had made the controversial comments in an interview earlier this week on NBC’s “Today” as he was promoting his new book, “Out of Many, One.” Bush’s book includes portraits of prominent immigrants to the United States and stories about how they’ve contributed to the country.

Asked on “Today” to describe the current state of the GOP, Bush said it is “isolationist, protectionist and to a certain extent nativist,” which is “not exactly my vision.”

But in an interview Thursday with People, Bush said he regretted the broad comments about the party. He noted there are many Republicans who don’t use the kind of pitched rhetoric on immigration that he told “Today” makes it “an easy issue to frighten some of the electorate.”

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