Trump and Lindsey Graham Have Very Different Opinions on Biden’s Afghanistan Decision

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) on Sunday pushed back on former President Trump‘s support for removing all troops from Afghanistan, writing on Twitter that he “could not disagree more with former President Trump regarding his support for President Biden’s withdrawal of all forces from Afghanistan against sound military advice.”

Earlier on Sunday, Trump released a statement criticizing Biden’s goal for all troops to be pulled out of Afghanistan by Sept. 11, but saying that “Getting out of Afghanistan is a wonderful and positive thing to do.”

“I planned to withdraw on May 1st, and we should keep as close to that schedule as possible,” Trump wrote.

In a series of tweets on Sunday evening, Graham, who previously denounced Biden’s plan to pull all troops out of Afghanistan, wrote “With all due respect to former President Trump, there is nothing ‘wonderful’ or ‘positive’ about allowing safe havens and sanctuary for terrorists to reemerge in Afghanistan or see Afghanistan be drawn back into another civil war.”

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