Former Cops Form Pro-police PAC to Unseat Liberal Philly DA

EXCLUSIVE: A pro-cop Political Action Committee, set up by former Philadelphia police officers, is launching an effort to unseat left-wing Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner — saying his extreme policies have led to a spike in violent crime in the city.

The Protect Our Police PAC, which was organized to elect pro-cop candidates at the state and local level, is eyeing Krasner, who has infuriated police with what they see as pro-criminal policies that led to prisoners being released onto the streets early to re-offend.

“He’s letting these guys out under the guise of criminal justice reform,” founder Nick Gerace, himself a former Philly cop, told Fox News. “Listen, we’re all in favor of reform, but when you’re doing it to violent criminals who you know have no moral compass whatsoever and prove time and time again…they’re going to commit heinous acts of violence toward citizens, and he keeps letting them go, that’s not criminal justice reform, that idiocracy, it’s stupid, it’s dumb.”

The PAC is launching a new campaign, with $50,000 behind it. The ads, along with an accompanying “Fire Krasner” website, warn that the progressive DA has turned neighborhoods into “deadly warzones” with minority communities being hit the hardest. According to the Philadelphia Police Department, there has been a 33% increase in homicides year-to-date.

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