Meet the Republican Outsider Running for VA Governor

Retired Army Col. Sergio De La Peña is a different kind of candidate for Virginia governor and has the ability to reach the state’s immigrant community for Republicans, he told Fox News in an interview.

“The reason I’m running for governor is I want to protect the American dream. I was born in Mexico. I grew up in a house with dirt floors and no running water,” he said. “I came to this country not speaking English and in one generation became a senior executive at the Pentagon.”

“I’m not at all unique. There are many many people who have their own American dream stories. That’s why we have so many people wanting to come to this country even though we’re often told we have so many problems,” De La Peña continued. “I’m the only one who can win in a general election. I can reach out to the immigrant community in northern Virginia.”

This is De La Peña’s first run for office, and he faces a crowded field of Republicans, including former Virginia House of Delegates Speaker Kirk Cox, businessman Pete Snyder, former investment firm executive Glenn Youngkin and state Sen. Amanda Chase.

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