Another Pro-Trump Candidate Enters Senate Race

Showcasing his support for former President Trump and taking aim at President BidenMissouri GOP Attorney General Eric Schmitt on Wednesday announced his candidacy in the 2022 race to succeed retiring Republican Sen. Roy Blunt.

“Washington, D.C., needs more fighters, needs more reinforcements to save America. So after a lot of reflection, support from folks back home, and on behalf of the people of the great state of Missouri, I’m announcing my candidacy for the United States Senate,” Schmitt said in an interview on “Fox & Friends.”

Schmitt touted that “as attorney general, I’ve spent my time defending President Trump and the America First agenda and all the prosperity that came with that – secure borders, energy independence, more opportunities for more Americans. And now, I’m spending my time pushing back against Joe Biden as he tries to dismantle that in, really, a betrayal of the American worker.”

And he warned that “increasingly, it feels like our culture and our country is slipping away, and all the levers of power in Washington, D.C., are tilted towards the Democrats.”

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