Republican AGs Fight Back on Biden’s Immigration Agenda

Republican state attorneys general are increasingly turning to the courts in hopes of preserving pieces of former President Trump’s hard-line immigration agenda as President Biden hurries to roll back the policies.

The emerging dynamic is something of a role reversal from when Democratic attorneys general sued Trump for immigration policies that liberals viewed as not only illegal but also cruel, xenophobic and at odds with the country’s immigrant roots.

Now, as Biden rushes toward repeal, he faces potential legal roadblocks of his own. Republican attorneys general say their lawsuits aim to ensure that U.S. immigration law is strongly enforced in order to protect public safety and save billions in tax dollars.

“I think the one thing that is becoming crystal clear with the Biden administration is that they are going all in on ‘open borders,’” said Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich (R). “It’s troublesome. And I think that in the long run this is gonna hurt America.”

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