Lindsey Graham Warns Dems What Will happen if they Call Witnesses to Testify

South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham told Fox News on Monday night that if Democrats call witnesses during President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial that Republicans will call on Democrats to testify as witnesses who have used inflammatory language themselves.

“Senator, I know you’ve been talking about the issue of bringing in, you know, witnesses. I’m in favor of it. I want this trial to go on,” Fox News host Sean Hannity said. “I want to interview Chuck [Schumer], I want to interview Joe Biden, I want to interview Kamala [Harris], I want to interview [Nancy] Pelosi, I want to interview Maxine Waters. I want to interview Cory Booker, Eric Holder, I got a whole list. Would you consider looking at my list?”

“Here’s what I can tell you, if the House managers want to call one witness, the defense is going to call all the people you named and then some,” Graham said. “To my colleagues tomorrow. There are 100 of us, what we do today is going to make history for the rest of the time America exists. What Democrats have done is basically declared war on the presidency itself. The impeachment in the House took place without a hearing, without one witness being called, and without a lawyer for the president of the United States. You can’t get a traffic ticket based on the procedures that were used to impeach President Trump. And we’re also impeaching a man who’s out of office. When you combine a snap impeachment with an impeachment of a president who’s out of office, you’re going to destroy the presidency itself. I know you hate Trump, but please pull back before we set in motion the destruction of the presidency by never-ending impeachments.”

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