Hawley Shatters Fundraising Record after Electoral College Objection

GOP Sen. Josh Hawley’s campaign raised more money during the month of January — when he was in the spotlight objecting to the Electoral College certification of Joe Biden’s win — than any other month since Oct. 2018, according to a memo from his campaign.

Hawley received an outpouring of grassroots support last month, pulling in close to $1 million. But he also saw his publisher kill his book deal in the aftermath of the attack on the Capitol, which came after Republican senators like Hawley made their objections.

“Pennsylvania wasn’t following their own state’s election law, but the establishment didn’t want to hear it. But that’s not who I work for,” Hawley said in a fundraising effort following his objection. “I objected because I want to make sure your voice was heard.”

The Missouri senator brought in about $969,000 in January. According to the campaign, the average donation was $52, with donations coming in from about 12,000 new donors, leaving his campaign with roughly $2.1 million.

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