Meet the Groups That Participated in the Capitol Riot

Several different groups were represented at President Donald Trump’s rally and the protests and riots at the Capitol Building later in the day in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday.

Flags from the Three Percenters, Confederate flags and other emblems and slogans associated with other organizations were present throughout the day.

“It appears that it was mixed collection of individuals that included militant Trump supporters, election deniers, Liberate movement followers, Alt right, Nazis, neo-Confederates, conspiracists, Proud Boy supporters, Q Anon adherents, Second Amendment and insurrectionists, and groypers,” Director of the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism Brian Levin told the Daily Caller News Foundation.“What I think is most notable for a Conservative audience is that the most militant Trump supporters have turned against more mainstream Conservatives including but not limited to, Vice President Pence, Chief Justice Roberts, lawmakers who did not raise objections and law enforcement,” Levin added.”This is a troubling sign of a new insurgency, somewhat similar to the rise of the violent hard left in early 70s which also bombed the Capitol.”

The majority of flags carried by rally attendees, protesters, and rioters were in support of Trump. Several of the flags donned Trump’s popular slogan “make America great again” and many others said “Trump 2020.”

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