Cops Challenge Pro-Trump Senator’s Claims

Police said Tuesday that a group of protesters that gathered outside the home of Republican Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley were “peaceful” after the Senator said that the crowd threatened his family.

Around 7:45 PM Monday night, officers responded to a report that there were “people protesting in front of” Hawley’s Virginia home, the Associated Press reported. Master Police Officer Juan Vazquez, a spokesman for the Town of Vienna Police Department, told the outlet that officers found that the “people were peaceful” when they arrived.

Vazquez said that “everyone just left” after police explained that they were violating several laws, according to the report. The protesters were violating a Virginia law that prohibits picketing in front of a house, a town ordinance about making noise in front of houses, and littering laws, he said.

“There were no issues, no arrests,” Vazquez told the Associated Press. “We didn’t think it was that big of a deal.”

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