Salon Owner Gets Legal With Lockdown Loving Governor

An Oregon salon owner is stepping up her legal fight against Gov. Kate Brown, requesting $100,000 in damages over her coronavirus lockdown rules.

Lindsey Graham, owner of a salon in Salem, claimed in a suit that shutting down private businesses “caused greater negative health effects on Oregonians in the form of increased stress, anxiety and depression,” according to KATU.

Graham also argued in court documents that she lost business opportunities and revenue and now has a damaged reputation. The owner says Brown, a Democrat, doesn’t have the authority to close private businesses operating with their own public health measures in place.

“The sudden, irrational, draconian, and irresponsible orders from the Defendant state of Oregon caused many people to lose their jobs, their careers, and their small businesses,” the suit says. “For many Oregonians, in an instant, their source of support and ability to provide for their families was eviscerated by a callous and unsympathetic bureaucracy.”

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