The Immigrant Defeat Dems Never Saw Coming

Like Sherlock Holmes’s dog that didn’t bark in the night, so in politics: Uncharacteristic behavior can turn out to be crucially significant. Uncharacteristic behavior in politics being defined as one demographic group unexpectedly trending one way when most of the electorate trends the other.

Such behavior was the subject of the New York Times’s graphic team’s report headlined “Immigrant Neighborhoods Shifted Red as the Country Chose Blue.”

Readers scrolling down through the story encounter maps of metropolitan Chicago, Miami, Orlando, Houston, San Antonio, Philadelphia, New York, Los Angeles, San Jose, and Phoenix, plus the Rio Grande Valley, with Latino and Asian neighborhoods clearly marked. Red arrows show election precincts’ increases in President Trump’s percentage for 2020 over 2016, with blue arrows sometimes showing increased Democratic margins in areas with mostly affluent white voters.

The story highlights the big Trump increases among Miami area Cuban Americans — a trend so large, and so pivotal in giving Trump Florida’s 29 electoral votes, that it was noticed on election night. But what was considered an exception then turns out to have been a particularly vivid example of the rule.

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