Trump Threatens To Obliterate Congress’ Christmas Vacation

President Trump is expected to veto the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) Wednesday, sources tell Fox News, forcing the House and Senate to reconvene immediately following Christmas.

Trump’s promise to veto the $740 billion defense package, which directs Pentagon funding and policy, will force Democrats and Republicans to attempt to override his ruling.

Trump has until Dec. 23 to veto the NDAA, which will force House members to reconvene on Dec. 28 to vote on the override. If they are successful in obtaining a two-thirds vote in favor of rejecting Trump’s veto, the Senate will then vote to override on Dec. 29, sources confirmed for Fox News.

The Senate will also need to achieve a two-thirds vote in favor of overriding the president. If successful this will be Congress’ first veto override during Trump’s presidency, as he prepares to leave office in less than one month.

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