Defiant Small Business Owners Shred Democrat’s Latest Rules

A group of over 150 Minnesota businesses is planning to reopen this week, defying Gov. Tim Walz’s COVID-19 restrictions.

“They’ve got bills to pay, children to feed, presents to gift, and they’re going to lose their homes,” Darius Teichroew, the founder of the Reopen Minnesota Coalition, said of the state’s unemployed during a radio interview this week.

Teichroew’s group plans to have rural businesses reopen on Wednesday and metro businesses reopen on Friday. Walz’s “peacetime emergency” order was set to expire on Friday, but the governor announced Monday that he will extend it.

“They’re at their wit’s end, and this is the opportunity to give them one last shot to be able to save what little they have left,” Teichroew said of the effort.

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