Democrat Defectors Rescue Trump’s Massive Arms Deal

Two Senate resolutions to block an arms sale agreement between the Trump administration and the United Arab Emirates narrowly failed in Senate vote Wednesday. 

A resolution to block the sale of F-35 jets to the Arab state failed by a vote of 49-47, while a separate resolution on the sale of Reaper drones failed 50-46, according to NBC news. Democratic Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Mark Kelly of Arizona, along with Republican Rand Paul of Kentucky, crossed party lines in the votes.

Both Arizona Democrats voted against the drone resolution, while Kelly re-joined the Democrats in voting for the F-35 bill. Rand Paul joined Democrats in an attempt to block both sales.

President Donald Trump indicated he would veto the resolutions even if they did pass, NBC reports. The 30-day window in which Congress could choose to block the sale ends Friday.

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