Mayor Exposed for Glaring Covid Hypocrisy

I repeat what I said in this post: Our leaders are toilet mold.

But if we’re being honest, we’ll admit that we get the leadership we deserve. These stories about Cuomo and Gavin Newsom and now Denver Mayor Michael Hancock are fun in exposing the hypocrisy of our loathsome governing class, but no one’s pretending that Americans would have followed the rules if only these turds had too, are they?

Just as a serious people wouldn’t elect Andrew Cuomo to run a pet store, let alone a state, a serious people wouldn’t have tens of millions citizens traveling at a moment when the pandemic in the United States is the worst it’s ever been. A former White House doctor described Thanksgiving 2020 as “potentially the mother of all superspreader events” given the prevalence of cases right now, the close contact involved in air travel, and the extended gatherings around the dinner table to come. Two weeks from now, the only news story in America will be hospitals and governments trying to cope with the crush of new infections and ultimately deaths seeded by the holiday.

And then, because we’re not a serious people, many millions of us will decide to travel for Christmas gatherings too. Despite the fact that, because of the vaccine, we’re just a few months away from turning the tide against COVID.

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