Trump Puts Fiercest Defender in Charge of Remaining Lawsuits

President Donald Trump reportedly put former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani in charge of his remaining election lawsuits on Friday, placing his hopes of overturning the election results in the longtime lawyer.

In addition to being in charge of the lawsuits, Giuliani was put in charge of all public communications relating to the lawsuits, the New York Times reported. Trump turned to him after losing a lawsuit in Arizona earlier on Friday, per NYT.

Trump and his campaign have filed lawsuits in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Nevada. Of those, only Pennsylvania still remains on the table. The campaign withdrew the Arizona lawsuit and lost in Georgia, Michigan and Nevada. The Associated Press, Fox News and numerous other outlets called the race for Biden on Saturday. Trump, however, has refused to concede, citing the lawsuits and the ongoing recount in Georgia.

Giuliani’s appointment comes roughly a day after a report that Trump fully understands how slim his chances are of remaining in the White House. He also reportedly plans to announce a 2024 presidential run shortly after the Electoral College certifies former Vice President Joe Biden the victor.

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