Revealing Election Night’s Biggest Loser

The Lincoln Project, a liberal Super PAC founded by shlubby white dudes who weren’t very good at sports growing up but compensated for that as adults by owning people on Twitter, went an abysmal 0-7 in key Senate races this cycle despite spending almost $12 million in support of Democratic candidates.

In addition to trolling President Donald Trump by running ads in Washington, D.C., the Lincoln Project bros also targeted seven U.S. Senate races. Media outlets published “exclusive” reports about the group’s ad campaigns as if they mattered:

Meanwhile, the Lincoln Project bros routinely bragged about how much money they raised and how awesome and influential their ads were. For example:

It didn’t matter. The Lincoln Project spent a total of $2.4 million trying to unseat Lindsey Graham, who ended up winning by more than 10 percentage points. The group’s track record in other key Senate races was just as embarrassing. In every state where the Lincoln Project spent at least $200,000, the Republican candidate won.

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