Top Trump Ally Breaks With President

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie criticized President Trump for claiming there was widespread voter fraud without showing evidence.

The Trump ally argued on ABC News on Thursday night that the president and his associates are doing a disservice to the country as votes are still being counted in several battleground states.

“If you’re gonna say those things from behind the podium at the White House, it’s his right to do it, it’s his right to pursue legal action,” he said. “But show us the evidence. We heard nothing today about any evidence. I want to know what backs up what he said, so that I can analyze it. And let me tell you, if he’s right, I’ll be outraged and I’m sure you would be too.”

Trump held a press conference at the White House on Thursday and accused his opponents of trying to “steal” the election as he and his allies have filedĀ a flurry of legal challenges in key battleground states. Trump is also seeking a recount in Wisconsin, which was called for Democratic nominee Joe Biden by a small margin.

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