‘Centrist’ Dem Explodes at Pelosi

Consider this a sequel to the earlier post about Nancy Pelosi’s disappearing Democratic majority.

Everyone’s focused on the presidential race, understandably, but you really should carve out a few minutes today to enjoy the thought of centrist Democrats and progressives having a two-year-long knife fight over who blew the 2020 election. The arguments on both sides are achingly familiar to anyone who’s ever participated in a “center versus fringe” ideological war. To progressives, it’s the centrists’ lame watered-down essentially right-wing policies that have alienated voters. Dems need bold colors, not pale pastels on policy to attract voters, to borrow a term Ted Cruz liked to use. To centrists, it’s the fringe’s radicalism that’s to blame for scaring off swing voters. Progressives made a big push for socialism in the Democratic primary this year. How did they think Cuban-American voters would react to that?

How cool did they think nonideological persuadable voters would be with the idea of … abolishing the police?

Abigail Spanberger was one of the Democrats’ big success stories of the 2018 cycle. She knocked off tea-partier Dave Brat in Virginia’s Seventh District, which leans Republican by six points. That made her a rising star of the party’s centrist wing, one who would presumably be reelected easily this year once the “blue tsunami” swept across America. She was reelected, but not easily — she won her House race by 1.2 points, a slightly smaller margin than she enjoyed in her race against Brat.

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