Minority Republican Candidates Navagiating Election Headaches

Victoria Spartz credits her conservative values to what she saw as a child. Born and raised in Ukraine, she recalls an era when the former Soviet government controlled the religion people practiced and monitored what they said in public.

“The values of freedom are very valuable for someone who immigrated from a country where we didn’t have a lot of freedoms,” said the 42-year-old Republican running for Indiana’s 5th District.

Immigration has long been one of President Donald Trump’s signature issues. His 2016 campaign pledges to build a “big beautiful wall” along the U.S.-Mexican border, crack down on illegal immigration and curb legal immigration, have driven many of his policies since taking office. Trump has vowed to continue rolling out more of these policies in a second term.

Those issues hold more personal meaning for Spartz and a handful of other Republican immigrant women running for Congress this year. While pressing issues such as the economy and pandemic-related recovery rank high on their priorities, these candidates can’t avoid addressing where they stand on immigration policies. Some have embraced Trump’s hard-line stances, but others have cautiously held those policies at arm’s length.

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