Democrat Exposed for History of Violence

A New Hampshire Democrat seeking state office in next week’s election was arrested and charged on multiple counts of domestic violence last year, Patch reported Wednesday. 

Brett Gagnon was arrested in January 2019 for assaulting a woman in his home while arguing over a child. According to a police report, the victim said Gagnon twisted her hand, left scratches on her chest, and hit her on the nose. Police said in the report they suspected he was under the influence of alcohol at the time. 

Three of the charges were dropped during a hearing in March 2019, and one assault charge was added to his record for two years “pending good behavior.” Gagnon is required to attend a batterer’s intervention program and must refrain from using drugs or alcohol during the two years the charge is on his record.

According to Patch, after news of Gagnon’s charges broke, Ray Buckley, the Democratic state party chair, asked voters to pick one of the other Democratic candidates on the ballot. He said the party would immediately call for Gagnon’s resignation if he wins the state house seat next week.

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