Democrat Frontrunner Abandons Campaign Promise

Maine Democratic Senate candidate Sara Gideon, who criticized President Donald Trump for not attending a second presidential debate, canceled her debate with Republican rival Sen. Susan Collins at the last minute Tuesday.

Gideon, who said it was “really shameful” for Trump to forgo his debate, canceled her plans to appear in a one-on-one debate with Collins scheduled for Tuesday evening. The cancellation marks the latest in a string of instances in which the Democrat has refused to appear on the debate stage, to the chagrin of her political rivals.

“I think the American people are looking to hear substance on issues. They want to hear what plans each of the presidential candidates have,” Gideon said about Trump’s debate nonattendance. “I think it is really shameful that he is making this decision.”

Gideon’s Tuesday no-show is the fourth time the Democrat has refused to appear in a televised debate.

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