Leading Expert Sounds Alarm on Biden Victory

It’s time to “sound the alarm” that Joe Biden is likely to be the next president of the United States, said Dave Wasserman, US House editor for Cook Political Report, on Tuesday. 

Wasserman was one of the few political commentators who correctly forecasted President Trump’s victory in 2016, writing in FiveThirtyEight two months before the last election that there is an “unusually high chance Donald Trump could win the Electoral College while losing the popular vote.”

But now, Wasserman is making the case that Biden has a better chance of beating Trump in 2020 than Hillary Clinton did in 2016 for multiple reasons. 

“First, Biden’s lead is larger and much more stable than Clinton’s was at this point. Second, there are far fewer undecided and third-party voters left to woo — reducing the chances of a late break toward one side,” Wasserman wrote in NBC News Tuesday. 

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