Rep. Jim Jordan Confirms Biden’s Emails Have Been ‘Independently Confirmed’

Emails from Hunter Biden’s alleged laptop detailing his business dealings with foreign entities and other matters are authentic, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) said earlier this week.

Jordan doubled-down on his assertion during a Sunday appearance on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures” with host Maria Bartiromo. Jordan also accused the media of largely ignoring the implications of Hunter Biden’s alleged emails for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

“Maria, they’re as real as real can be. We have the eye-witness [Tony Bobulinski] who said these are authentic, these are real. The ‘big guy’ in one of these emails does in fact mean Joe Biden, and he himself had spoke to former Vice President Biden. So, this is as real as it gets,” Jordan said. “And here’s the fundamental question: why won’t Joe Biden say they’re not real? If they’re not accurate, if these aren’t accurate emails, why won’t the Biden’s say so?”

Jordan then slammed the media for not pressing the elder Biden on questions surrounding the limits of his involvement in his son’s foreign business dealings. The contents of Hunter Biden’s alleged emails have been reported by select outlets, largely right-of-center. Some outlets such as NPR have refused to print the contents of the emails, alleging that they are likely part of a misinformation campaign.

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