GOP Hopeful SCOTUS Nomination Will Boost Turnout

Senate hearings for the confirmation of President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett could help Republicans on Election Day by boosting turnout with evangelical and religious voters while diverting attention from the administration’s coronavirus response and picking up often GOP-leaning late voters for the president.

Republicans have set Oct. 12 as the target start date for Barrett’s confirmation hearings, with Democrats poised to oppose her nomination.

“The timing of the hearings could potentially stand to give a late shot in the arm to Republican voters down the stretch into Election Day — which could be critically important in offsetting any deficits from early voting,” veteran Republican pollster Robert Blizzard told the Washington Examiner, pointing to “the expected Democratic surge in mail-in, absentee balloting.”

Blizzard added, “Much of their base vote will likely be in before we even get to the first committee hearing.”

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Daniel Rhoads
3 years ago

Another advantage of the Supreme Court appointment is that it will push the criminal Democrat Party Mob leadership to “lie like hell about Amy Barrett and try to smear here with the most vile, cruel and heartless charges which will turn off a lot of undecided voters”!! Hell. their own moderate Democrat voters deserting them now and they are only going to make it worse!!!!! They cannot help themselves!!!!!