Biden’s Mistakes Eerily Familiar to Wiser Democrats

Joe Biden has staked his presidential campaign on his ability to “win back” white working-class voters in midwest swing states like Michigan and Wisconsin. But he has the wrong target.

In Manitowoc, Wisconsin, a city that’s 90% white, Biden recently donned his populist hat, telling an audience: “I’ve dealt with guys like Trump my whole life … Guys who inherit everything they’ve ever gotten in their life and squander it. Guys who stretch and squeeze and stiff electricians and plumbers and contractors working on their hotels and casinos and golf courses to put more bucks in their pocket.”

Prior to this campaign stop, Biden amplified an endorsement from the former Michigan governor Rick Snyder, the Republican official who – let’s not forget – oversaw and attempted to cover up the Flint water crisis, which exposed an estimated 140,000 people in the majority Black city to lead and other contaminants. In an appearance in Michigan, Biden sat down with steelworkers, flanked mostly by white men, to discuss his jobs plan. And prior to that, after white vigilante Kyle Rittenhouse shot and killed two Black Lives Matter protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Biden aired a Richard Nixon-style law and order ad attacking “lawlessness” and accusing Trump of sowing discord.

Biden and his advisers clearly believe that Hillary Clinton lost in 2016 because white voters in key swing states shifted from Obama to Trump. Biden’s entire campaign strategy is built on that assumption. There are two problems with that. For one, it almost entirely ignores the Black working class. For another, it may not even be true.

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3 years ago

And now Biden is asking for a break every half hour during the debate. That would be a first. Also, it has been said that he will be wired and has a button to push in his pocket. I am waiting to see if he reaches into his pocket during debate to determine if this is true. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is.

Colleen B.
Colleen B.
3 years ago

Kyle is NOT a vigilante. He is a young man who defended himself from armed criminal rioters and domestic terrorists. He was exercising his 2nd amendment rights. They were a mob hell bent on killing a patriot as clearly seen on many videos.