Congressional Democrats Draft New Monstrosity

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has directed House committee leaders to put together a more slender coronavirus relief package than the one that previously passed the chamber, in their latest offer in talks with the White House.

The House could vote on that as-yet-unreleased $2.4 trillion bill as soon as next week if GOP cooperation doesn’t materialize, according to Democratic lawmakers. But Democrats say they’re hoping for renewed talks with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and a compromise agreement that can actually become law.

Democrats will need to trim about $1 trillion from the legislation the House passed in May that previously served as their starting point in the talks. That’s a hefty task for party leaders seeking to appease the rank-and-file, given the ongoing economic downturn, record unemployment and the likely upcoming surge in hospitalizations during cold and flu season.   

And Pelosi wants to add more provisions that weren’t in the earlier, more pricey bill, such as aid to airlines and restaurants, which will squeeze out even more of the May legislation.

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3 years ago

Sounds like another one DOA with too much pork in it.

3 years ago

Another attempt by piglosi to buy the election, make it look like they care.