Lawmaker Arrested at Riots

At least 24 protesters were arrested Thursday night in Louisville during a second consecutive night of Breonna Taylor protests.

They were arrested before 1 a.m. on charges including unlawful assembly, failure to disperse, and riot in the first degree. The demonstrators allegedly broke windows, damaged city buses, and tried to set fires.

The First Unitarian Church of Louisville had opened its doors and offered its property as a safe haven to protesters who would otherwise be arrested after a police curfew began at 9 p.m. Officers blocked the exits of a church and several people were detained, including state Rep. Attica Scott, D-Louisville.


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3 years ago

Public School Vocabulary? (Get a J.O.B!)

Jaakko Talvitie
Jaakko Talvitie
3 years ago

We were warned in 1984
CRITICAL information to understand today

The issue is not Liberal vs. Conservative (both support America and the foundation it was built on) – It is Radical (Marxist) Left vs. America – What is the Future (or is there one) for this greatest society ever built, warts and all?

Let’s remember that any time we judge the past based on today’s (real or manufactured) standards, all of us will fail every time.