Study: Democrat Support in Reliable Voting Bloc Crumbling

Younger Black voters are more skeptical of Democrats than older generations, partially thanks to President Donald Trump, according to a FiveThirtyEight analysis published Wednesday.

Terrance Woodbury of the research firm HIT said younger voters had been influenced by “systemic cynicism” of political institutions, according to FiveThirtyEight, in addition to policy measures enacted by Trump. “In focus groups, according to Woodbury, younger Black voters often mention the criminal justice reform bill that the president signed into law, his support for increased funding for historically Black colleges and the low Black unemployment rate before the coronavirus outbreak.”

Citing a survey conducted over the summer  by American University’s Black Swing Voter Project, the analysis noted that 73 percent of Black voters aged 60+ “strongly” trusted congressional Democrats to “do what is best” for Black people, compared to just 43 percent of those aged 18-29. On the question of whether they trusted congressional Democrats to “do what is best” for Black people, the same survey found 73 percent of the older age group said they “strongly” believed so, compared to 43 percent of those aged 18-29.

Events over the summer did little to influence voters in the presidential race between Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden. “Neither the protests in the wake of the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis in late May nor the selection of Kamala Harris, the first Black and Asian American vice-presidential nominee, resulted in big and durable boosts in Biden’s Black support,” authors wrote.

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JACK Scarpon
JACK Scarpon
3 years ago