Democrats Post Massive Fundraising Haul Following RBG’s Passing

The influx of campaign cash came fast and furious.

In the hours after the death of trailblazing Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Democratic Senate candidates running in November’s election saw a surge in fundraising.

Democratic challengers to GOP incumbent senators in states such as Arizona, Kentucky, Maine, North Carolina, South Carolina and even Alaska saw an instant infusion into their campaign coffers.

“It’s clear that Democratic voters and donors who are already very highly motivated to take back the Senate are now doubly so motivated based on the influx of cash that virtually all Democratic candidates received,” a Democratic strategist involved in Senate races told Fox News.

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Trump Supporter
Trump Supporter
3 years ago

Soros has pledged about $1 Billion. Bloomberg has pledged $100 Million. I every Republican gave $5. They might be able to match Bloomberg.
Don’t forget that the Hildabeast had about seven times as much money as The Donald and still lost in a LANDSLIDE!
To quote the Hildabeast, “They wouldn’t let me be President! Boo. Hoo!”