Democrats Fearful This Governor Could Elect Trump

KENOSHA, Wis. — Tony Evers pulled off one of the Democratic Party’s biggest feats of 2018: ousting liberal villain Scott Walker after earlier attempts to take out the Wisconsin governor fell short.

But having one of their own atop the critical 2020 battleground isn’t turning out to be the boon that Democrats hoped or expected.

Evers, a longtime school administrator who’s prone to peppering his speech with “by golly” and “holy mackerel” — and who voters chose in part for his no-drama approach to politics — has been thrust into a cauldron of racial tension and violence. It’s an awkward fit for the subdued 68-year-old, and the reviews of his response to the turmoil in Kenosha — among other facets of his job performance — aren’t encouraging.

Evers is drawing heat from some in his own party for not moving quickly enough to tamp down rioting in Kenosha. Like Walker before him, Evers is facing a nascent effort to recall him from office. He’s been steamrolled by Republicans who dominate the legislature and have repeatedly blocked his initiatives, including police reform.

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3 years ago

I wonder where the Democrats are hiding their “good guys” who would be better for the job. Aren’t there ANY? The Democrat party’s lineup doesn’t look good, no matter how rosy your glasses are.

jorge caban
jorge caban
3 years ago

This coming election will have a lots of surprises and lots of loosers starting with left media.