House Democrats Prep Contingency Plan

House Democrats on Friday were readying their own temporary funding plan that would extend current appropriations through Dec. 11, according to an aide who wasn’t authorized to speak for the record.

Senate Republicans and the White House haven’t signed off on the proposal, which comes after negotiators missed a self-imposed deadline at noon on Friday for releasing the stopgap bill needed to avert a partial government shutdown beginning Oct. 1.

Congressional leaders and White House officials were still hashing out lingering disputes over farm price supports and redistricting-related census deadlines, as well as the duration of the continuing resolution. 

And with 46 days until Nov. 3, Democrats were insisting on topping up state election security funds, even as early voting was already underway in several states. Another issue that cropped up was money for a potential presidential transition during the lame-duck session and early January, if former Vice President Joe Biden wins.

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