Brennan Responds to Durham Question

Former CIA Director John Brennan opened up about various inquiries into the Russia investigation during an appearance Thursday on MSNBC.

After the Senate Homeland Security Committee voted to authorize the use of a subpoena against him in its investigation, Brennan shrugged off the implications of the vote.

He said the chairman, Sen. Ron Johnson, and another top Republican conducting a separate review of the Russia investigation, Senate Judiciary Committee Lindsey Graham, “don’t have the — .” After stopping himself mid-sentence, Brennan said, “Let me correct that: They don’t have the interest in calling me up in front of their committee and to testify publicly in front of the American people.”

Graham vowed to call Brennan to testify in May, and Brennan was among the dozens of officials from the Obama administration whom Johnson gained broad authority to subpoena on Wednesday. Neither Johnson nor Graham immediately responded to the Washington Examiner’s request for comment.

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