Trump Makes Bold Prediction About Latino Support

Republicans say President Trump’s decision to make Hispanic voters a priority is boosting his support with this critical bloc in public opinion polls and threatening Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s prospects in key battleground states.

Trump received 28% of the Hispanic vote four years ago. But a fresh national poll from Quinnipiac University pegged the president’s support with this demographic at 36% — despite trailing Biden by 10 percentage points overall, progress reflected in other surveys conducted over the summer. In swing states that will determine the outcome of the presidential race, that level of Hispanic support could push Trump over the top in a close race.

Republicans credit Trump’s management of the economy, at least before the advent of the coronavirus, for his improving performance with Hispanics. But more significant, they say, has been the Trump campaign’s sustained presence in Hispanic communities and outreach to Hispanic voters since the end of the president’s first campaign at the same time that Democratic insiders have expressed concern that the Biden campaign has not targeted this segment of the electorate as aggressively as it should.

“There’s a saying in Spanish that goes … tell me what you give your attention to, and I’ll tell you who you are,” said Daniel Garza, president of the Libre Initiative, a conservative group that advocates for conservative issues in the Hispanic community. “I think, in a real way, the party … and the campaign, Latinos for Trump, has really stepped up, and you can see it.”

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