Team Trump Works Overtime to Find Hidden Voters

Millions of white, working-class voters in swing states stayed home in the 2016 presidential race, a potentially huge pool of supporters for President Trump to win over if his campaign can find the right message.

Whites without a college degree make up a disproportionate amount of residents in states throughout the Rust Belt and the South, creating a potent new voting bloc in trying to build an Electoral College majority of at least 270. And just as the Trump campaign turned out many white, working-class voters in his upset victory over Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, there are potentially a good deal more. Winning over at least some of them would help offset the edge Democrats have gained in recent years by winning the votes of suburban residents turned off by the president’s tone and tenor.

But much of that depends on whether Trump and Republican National Committee staffers can get them to the polls. Exciting nonvoters has long been a white whale for both Republicans and Democrats, with candidates like Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont basing his primary and hypothetical general campaign on the notion that he could excite those who are normally disillusioned by national politics.

Sanders’s failure in both the 2016 and 2020 Democratic primaries demonstrates the difficulty of this task. Nor is there any guarantee that those voters will necessarily support the candidate actively courting them. The potential spoils, however, could fundamentally shift electoral politics in the short and medium term — or as long as the Electoral College exists.

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