Gowdy Unleashes Fiery Condemnation of Wisconsin Governor

Fox News contributor Trey Gowdy slammed Democratic Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers Monday after he urged President Trump to reconsider his plans to travel to Kenosha on Tuesday.

In an interview on “The Daily Briefing,” Gowdy said that people of “good conscience” would respect Trump’s scheduled visit, during which he is expected to assess the damage caused by rioting that followed the police shooting of Jacob Blake,

“80% of Americans do not view this issue as Black-and-White, Republican-Democrat, it is an American issue,” explained Gowdy, the former chair of the House Oversight Commitee.

The argument can be separated into “people of good conscience versus who are not of good conscience,” Gowdy said, “and people of good conscience did not mind when President Obama came and helped us heal in Charleston [after the Emanuel AME Church shooting in 2015]. I don’t think they will mind if President Trump makes the effort to show respect to Jacob Blake and his family. That’s what presidents do.”

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