Hawkish Democrats Push Revisionist History

Beyond the fact that the Democrats’ virtual national convention appeared to have been produced by a high school A/V department, the event was one of the most blatant exercises in revisionist history ever foisted on the American body politic. 

While nominating one former senator who voted to authorize the Iraq War — Joe Biden — the DNC enlisted another, John Kerry, to portray Democrats as the “party of peace.”

Biden and Kerry are career politicians who have supported war for the length of their time in Washington and are members of the military/industrial/congressional complex that President Eisenhower warned us about. 

“[Trump] doesn’t know how to defend our troops,” Kerry claimed, based on a bogus and debunked “Russian bounties” scandal that he, President Obama, and Joe Biden either knew about or shouldhave known about because it supposedly happened and was first reported under their watch.

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