WATCH: The Greatest Moment at Night One of the RNC

Kimberly Guilfoyle delivered a barn burner at the Republican National Convention Monday evening, delivering a speech in which she painted the 2020 election as “a battle for the soul of America.”


Calling Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris “socialists” who would “fundamentally change” America, Guilfoyle enumerated a laundry list of policies she said they would pursue. “They want open borders, closed schools, dangerous amnesty, and will selfishly send your jobs back to China while they get rich,” Guilfoyle said. “They will defund, dismantle and destroy America’s law enforcement.”

Guilfoyle — a former Fox News host who presently serves as the finance chair for President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign, and who is also in a relationship with the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr. — recounted the fact that her mother came to the United States from Puerto Rico, and said “socialist policies” in countries including Cuba and Venezuela served as a warning of what Biden might impose if elected president.

“This election is a battle for the soul of America,” Guilfoyle said. “Your choice is clear. Do you support the cancel culture, the cosmopolitan elites of Nancy PelosiChuck Schumer and Joe Biden who blame America first? Do you think America is to blame? Or do you believe in American greatness?”

(Video H/T YouTube)

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