Retired Republican Senator Joins Team Biden

Republican Jeff Flake has joined the growing list of GOP politicians endorsing Democratic nominee Joe Biden for president. 

The former Arizona senator, who left Congress in 2019, criticized President Trump without naming him in a speech Monday. He blasted the president’s claims that he’s conservative and called Biden a “decent” man who knows how to compromise.

On Monday, Flake offered a conservative’s case for Biden, arguing that the former vice president would restore civility to political discourse.

“With Joe Biden as president, we will be able to preserve the civic space wherein Republicans and Democrats can go back to merely disagreeing about issues of policy, without fear of revenge or reprisal,” Flake said in a speech that aired Monday morning. “That day cannot come soon enough. And so, it is because of my conservatism, and because of my belief in the Constitution, and in the separation of power, and because I am gravely concerned about the conduct and behavior of our current president that I stand here today — proudly and wholeheartedly — to endorse Joe Biden to be our next president of the United States of America.”

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